Thursday, September 12, 2013

Volkswagen is considering selling CNG vehicles in the US. They already have the Touran minivan and Passat sedan available with the CNG option (the call it EcoFuel) in Europe. Hopefully they could make the transition to the US market without too much difficulty.

VW's EcoFuel page (translated from German):

Neat German video showing the Passat EcoFuel

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Natural Gas Fueling to expand along I-84 and I-15

BLU Fuels (operator of the CNG/LNG station at the 21st South Flying J in Salt Lake) is teaming with Kenworth and PACCAR Leasing Company (PacLease) to make LNG trucks available to operators and provide infrastructure for fueling.  New stations are being built along I-84 and I-15.
I expect the stations to be LNG only at first but able to add CNG fueling capability in the future.

LNG truck leasing to expand

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Chevrolet working on a CNG Impala?

A few late model CNG Impalas have been spotted testing in Colorado. Hopefully this is a good sign that a factory produced CNG Impala is on the way in the next year or two. It seems like Chevrolet finally had the CNG system figured out with the 2003-4 Cavaliers, but then stopped making them. Hopefully Chevy can do the CNG Impala right.
Read the full article and see more pictures here: