Thursday, March 5, 2015

Attention Utah CNG drivers!

Tomorrow the state legislature is trying to INCREASE CNG TAX up to 21 cents per gallon and yearly registration tax up to $50 per year.

Call your State Senator and Congressman ( and say NO too:
House Bill 271
House Bill 406
Senate Bill 160
Senate Bill 231

Call TODAY as the vote is this Friday!

* According to the Utah Tax Commission there are less than 10,000 natural gas vehicles registered in the state out of 1,400,000 total. Why are you picking on the less than 1% of us who are doing the right thing for air quality?

* Owning and driving clean fuel vehicles requires effort. Stations are few and far between. And, those who drive dedicated CNG vehicles are limited in driving far outside of Utah. But it's worth it for support of clean air and use of domestic natural gas fuel. If you tax us up to gasoline rates why bother?

* Natural gas vehicles command high resale values so we already pay more in sales taxes for these vehicles each time they are bought and sold.